Monday, May 10, 2010

Smorgasbord Salad - good choice when you want to please everyone...

Hope your Mother's Day was all you hoped for - mine was.  My sweet family spoiled me as they always do...  I have a hard time just sitting there while my family cooks - so I was right in the middle of it this year, which is where I like to be.  My own great Mom, who was here yesterday, used to make what she called a "Seven Layer Salad" - like this one.  

Even if you can’t please everyone, this salad comes close.  Tossed salad for a crowd always leaves someone dissatisfied, so why not include everything and let them remove their least favorite items?  When a salad is layered, it’s easily perused by those in the buffet line, allowing them to select the items of their choice.

This is my version of the classic “Seven Layer Salad” - and it pleases even our pickiest salad connoisseur.  

Like families everywhere, we have those who pick out the items they dislike.  I’ve tried to arrange this overnight layered salad so that the items people have a hard time with are easier to avoid.   In our family, that includes cucumber, green onion, and mushrooms.  But everyone loves the frozen baby peas, celery, and bacon.  

I decided to arrange the cucumber around the outer edge of the serving dish - and next time I’ll pair them up with the mushrooms.  Those are the items that are either loved or hated around here.  They can really add to the decorative look when used to advantage.

If you have other items that you feel don't work when layered in this type of salad, place them in small bowls to the side for garnishing when served up on a plate (such as olives, cherry tomatoes, croutons, etc...)

Try “mixing up” your layering style next time you make this classic.

For this recipe, with photos and tips for layering - go to:

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