Monday, May 10, 2010

Golden Cracked Wheat Bread... first-class toasted & spread with creamy honey.

If you’re looking for a great toasting bread that has staying power, you might be happy with this recipe.  With molasses, whole wheat, and cracked wheat - it bakes up dense with lots of texture.  Spread toasted slices with creamed honey or even Nutella for a quick breakfast that hangs on till lunchtime.

If you have ever made whole wheat bread that has nothing but WHOLE wheat in it, it can be a little overpowering.  I usually grind my wheat on the finest setting of my wheat grinder, and it makes a great whole wheat bread (let me know if I should post that recipe), but it’s not as interesting as this one. 

Wheat bread can be more than “good for you”.  Add a little texture with whole grains that really are almost WHOLE.   This recipe calls for more than half of the flour to be white, which helps the texture from being too heavy.  It also helps you notice the cracked wheat even more.  

The golden brown color comes mostly from the molasses, which also adds a hearty flavor.  One problem I had when making wheat bread years ago was the formation of large air pockets (or caves) in the center of the bread as it bakes.  

That’s why I tried twisting two ropes of dough together as I formed it into loaves.  I liked the result and I’m going to try this next time by forming it into one large loaf instead of two smaller ones.

It’s nice to use a small batch wheat bread recipe, and end up with only one or two small loaves (instead of SIX).  This recipe is from my favorite (antique) Betty Crocker Breads Book.

For the recipe, along with step-by-step instructions for forming these spiral shaped loaves - go to:

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