Friday, May 7, 2010

'The Chewy' - w/Chips.

When it comes to cookies, there’s a time for crunchy... but most of the time we love chewy.  There’s just something gratifying about biting into a cookie that doesn’t shatter.  
These are crunchy around the edges, but soft and chewy in the center.  The chocolate chips are the finishing touch.
This recipe uses the same technique for combining butter & sugar that I use in the Small Batch Blondie Brownies (HERE).  I really can’t tell you why using melted butter makes a cookie chewy - but it works.  
I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation, but I’m not interested in the WHY as much as the fact that it produces a chewier cookie.   You might want to read further about how to achieve different results in cookies by checking this post on Perfect Cookies on  Alton Brown has a cookie he calls ‘The Chewy’ on the foodnetwork show “Good Eats” (“Chips for Sister Marsha”).  The proportions are slightly different than these  - but the technique is the same.
This cookie keeps well, and doesn't turn hard - even after a week in the cookie jar.  You probably already know that if your cookies turn hard, giving up and throwing them away isn’t necessary.  Hard cookies can be reformed to their softer state by loosely wrapping a slice of soft bread in waxed paper and placing it in the bottom of the container where you store your cookies.  (Make sure the bread doesn’t touch the cookies directly, or they will turn too soft)  Give it a day for the moisture to travel through the cookies and make them as soft as a marshmallow.
I’ve followed this recipe from website to website - and nobody seems to claim to be the first one to bake it.  So - I'm naming the website I found it on originally:

For the full recipe, with links & photos - go to:

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