Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tender Chicken Havarti

This entree is so quick & yummy, there’s just no excuse for going out to eat.  The chicken cooks so fast that it doesn’t have time to dry out, and the creamy Havarti cheese seals in the juices.  It’s easy to add any extra spices you like for an entirely new mix of flavors.

This recipe is almost too simple to turn out this wonderful.  

It’s not time intensive, the ingredients are easy to have on hand, and it’s elegant enough to serve to anyone - important or not.  And it’s an excellent ‘solo supper’ meal for just yourself.

The secret that makes it so delicious and tender is (1) the pounding of the chicken breast.  (2) The quick saute method of cooking.  (3) The absolutely creamy Havarti cheese.

Havarti isn’t hard to locate, although you may feel it’s overpriced.  Since I don’t use it as an everyday cheese - I justify that “I’m worth it” whenever I debate whether to buy it.  Havarti has a buttery, sweet flavor - with just a tiny bite to it - enough to make you come back for more.  It resembles Swiss cheese with lots of tiny holes.  I use it in several of my recipes.  

For the really fast recipe, with photos & instructions - go to:

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