Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Do-It-Yourself" Panko - you'll be hard pressed to know the difference...

If you haven’t tried Panko yet - what are you waiting for?  Panko crumbs add a special crunch - nothing heavy, but airy.  It’s made from bread without crusts - in other words, from the soft center of the loaf.  Foods with Panko have a unique texture.  The lack of flavor allows the food it coats to really stand out.

When I first heard the word “PANKO” - I thought it must be a distant relative of Quinoa - yet another new trendy food craze.  Since I had actually tried Quinoa (and wasn’t bowled over, to say the least) - I wasn’t about to get in line to try Panko.

But that changed when I found the recipe for Archibald’s Lemon Garlic Chicken (HERE).  Since then - I pick up a box almost every single grocery shopping trip.

And that can get expensive.  One box can run anywhere from $1.99 to $3.99 - and they are all the same thing, just different packaging and brand names.  

I had heard that you can make your own Panko, so I set out to research it - and there are so many entries, I can’t give anyone the credit for the original idea.  Had I known it was this easy, I would have become a do-it-yourself-er a long time ago.  

Now here’s a way to use up all that stale bread that hangs out in the back of your bread shelf.  I always feel guilty when I throw it out.  In this recipe, the staler the better.  El ‘cheap-o bread from the bread outlet is perfect.  In this case, I used a bag (each) of hamburger & hotdog buns that were long forgotten in the back of my pantry.

Now you can judge for yourself if you think it’s worth it to make your own from the photos above...  (the 'do-it-yourself' version is on the right)  

But as for me - I just bought my last box of Panko...

For the details & instructions - go to:

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