Monday, May 17, 2010

Homestyle Oatmeal Cookies w/Browned Butter Drizzle

Making oatmeal cookies make me feel all grandmother-ey.  The oatmeal & raisins seem a more sensible choice than chocolate chips (since grandchildren usually have one in each fist).  Browned butter frosting takes me back to the days of MY grandmother with the caramel flavor and firm outer layer - but still creamy inside.   

Chocolate chip cookies are always a hit, but my crew only enjoys them when they seem to be in ‘short supply’.  Supply & demand drives the cookie eating habits of my family.  

I decided to wake them up by having a different type of cookie in the jar this week.  When I ran across this recipe from Paula Deen, I was a little unsure of how this “drizzle” would go over.  

There are so many spices going on,  I thought they would fight each other - but the browned butter frosting made them all get along.

I get tired of “drizzling” - it makes my hands hurt, and it takes a long time to get it to look right.  I decided to use my Wilton squeeze bottle.  Since the frosting hardens quickly after mixing, all it took was a few seconds in the microwave once in a while to keep it flowing freely.  

Nuts are controversial around here with my kids.  It seems the longer they’ve been married, the more tolerant of nuts they become - probably because their children whine whenever they encounter a nut.   I decided to go ahead and add all 1-1/2 cups of nuts - and it was the right choice.  The cookies would have been so-so without them.

The fact that you drizzle the frosting on, instead of coating the entire top of the cookie makes these really unique.  That tiny bit of caramel-ey sweetness made all the difference.

They are soft and chewy - even days after baking.  I’m not a “cookie dipper”, but I gave it a try with this cookie and it was delicious.

For the recipe - along with directions & photos, go to:

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