Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunshine Trifle - all the flavors of Spring...

Unlike most trifles, this sunny dessert isn’t overly heavy, sweet, and dense.  It’s golden color comes from using Daffodil Sponge Cake - and Satiny Pastry Cream.  Fresh sliced strawberries give it just the right sweetness and contrast.  It’s a feast for the eyes that will make anyone pause at a dessert buffet.

I’m not a fan of “mushy”.  My family doesn’t use this term - they use the words “moist”, “saturated”, “soaked”...  My kids have had a favorite dessert over the years we’ve always called “Strawberry Delight”.  It is basically angel food cake cubes soaked in a mixture of whipping cream, strawberry jello, and frozen sliced strawberries.  As I said - it’s not my favorite, but they usually fight to the finish over it - and there is rarely anything left when I serve it for a family gathering.  I decided to use the same idea, but change the cake and the filling.  This time I did like it.

Spring Break this year brought a snowstorm each and every day.  No Easter Egg Hunt - but snow can’t trump Easter Dinner.  After a wonderful day of sitting on the couch (That actually happened... mostly because of LDS General Conference) we enjoyed our traditional Easter menu - Baked Ham, Twice-Baked Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, jello, and a new spin on shaping rolls (I’ll post those later).  We had this trifle for dessert - and it was just right after a nice meal.

This “accident” of a recipe uses the Daffodil Sponge Cake from my last post, and Satiny Pastry Cream - along with fresh strawberries, and a Utah staple - JELLO.

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