Monday, April 5, 2010

Daffodil Sponge Cake - the lesser-known "twin" to Angel Food Cake

Ever feel a twinge of frugality kick in when you make an angel food cake from scratch, and throw out the yolks?  When I think of those “orphan” egg yolks, I think of this favorite cake I’ve enjoyed making ever since I was married.  This is easier to slice than a standard angel food cake, and it’s so pretty with the marbled yellow and white...  Just right for spring.   

Quick - while eggs are still on sale (after Easter you have just a few days to take advantage of great prices on eggs, strawberries, etc...) - you really should give this cake a try.  I remember when times were tight(ER) when I was a newlywed - I just couldn’t throw out any part of an egg.  The yolks would sit there in my refrigerator, sending me on a guilt trip until I finally had to get rid of them.

If it weren’t for the golden yellow color of this cake, I would use it in every recipe calling for Angel Food Cake.  With my eyes closed I don’t know if I could tell the difference.  This recipe reminds me of days gone by - my Grandmothers’ days.

I use the recipe from my beaten-up Betty Crocker Cookbook (the very FIRST one they made into a paperback... it was the only one I could afford while I was in college centuries ago...)  It is still my go-to reference for almost ANY cooking related question.  It’s definition of a “sponge” cake is as follows:
“A sponge cake uses both the whites and yolks of eggs.  Sometimes leavening is called for, but shortening is never used.  Sponge cakes are sometimes used for rolled cakes - such as the jelly roll.”

I served this with a side of Satiny Pastry Cream (recipe is HERE) - a decadent creamy pudding-type filling that you can use for eclairs, pie filling, etc...  

I “cut it” by adding a cup of whipped cream and it was perfect.  Light, creamy, barely sweet - perfect with this delicate cake and fresh strawberries.

For step-by-step photo tutorial, and the complete recipe - go to:

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