Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'Soft As' Bunny Tails - not just for Easter ...

Technically, I’m late posting these for Easter.  But we all know that bunnies don’t cease to exist after the only Spring holiday (they’re just getting a good start by then...)  My grandchildren enjoyed unwrapping their “ears” and saving the little tail for their last bite during Easter dinner.

When I saw this idea on karaskitchencreations, I bookmarked it (in my mind).  And - as life usually happens - I forgot about it until an hour before dinner on Easter.  With an easy roll recipe (or even frozen roll dough, which works in a pinch) - these can jump to life even spur-of-the-moment.  

If you want to impress your grandchildren - ask them what a new bunch of newborn bunnies is called.  They will probably stare blankly at you as if to say “what’s the big deal?”  But if they are old enough to care, let them know that newborn bunnies are called “kits” - and the new little bunch of siblings is called a “litter”.  

(Most of us parents know that the phrase “reproduce like rabbits” isn’t an exaggeration - as it takes only 30-32 days for a litter of up to EIGHTEEN little bunnies to appear on the scene... makes you grateful we’re only human, no?)

Any dough can work, but soft white roll seems to be more typical of a bunny.  Within half an hour I had these rising in time for dinner.

As usually is the case, a little shaping is all that’s required for an entirely different result in a roll recipe.  I used an easy favorite from my OLD Betty Crocker’s Breads cookbook.

For this recipe, photos, and directions - go to:

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  1. We made these too! Except they rose a little too long and were huge! They were still cute though!