Sunday, March 28, 2010

'Sbugetti' Dogs - play with your food...

Well, the weekend with my grandchildren has ended, and I'm back to a silent house.  No more waking up with a little person's face nose-to-nose with mine.  No more making everything "fair".  No more hearing a sweet little munchkin voice repeating "grandma, grandma, grandma" over and over again.  I'll miss them, but it's time to regroup and be an adult again.  Made me wonder how I did it with six...

I just can't get out of "kid" mode, because I still enjoy reading Family Fun magazine.  I clipped this idea a few issues ago, and it came in handy for lunch with the grandkids.  

They loved “trimming” the hair on these crazy looking squid-type dogs.  I thought they would hate the mustard eyes, but even I thought mustard tasted great with the pasta - surprise!

Little hands can handle "spearing" hot dogs with spaghetti - they really got into it. 

I’ve seen variations of this idea called “octodogs” - but I liked this variation with plain old spaghetti (instead of curling the ends of a hot dog).  

You can call these odd little things squidlings, pasta dogs, stringy sausages, or hairy dogs, etc....  Use your imagination.  

I named them for my kids’ pronunciation of the word spaghetti.  

Kids love both hot dogs AND pasta - so you can’t lose with this combination.   Prepare to play with your food if these are on the menu...

For the recipe/instructions for this kid-pleasing lunch - go to:

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