Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stay Soft Playdough - raw material for the imagination...

This not-so-traditional “salt dough” has an unusual ingredient that gives an irresistible feel to playdough that kids love.  As long as it’s kept in airtight containers, and is played with occasionally - it maintains the same texture as the day it is made.  I’ve used this recipe for almost thirty years now, and it’s still a favorite.

I’m taking care of three of my little grandchildren (under the age of 6) for a few days, and that calls for drastic measures...  As long as I am willing to A) Stay off the phoneB) Stay off the computer, and  C) Get down on the floor and PLAY - all is well.  I make a (double) batch of this playdough most every time my little people come to stay a while.  

I have loved this dough because it doesn’t leave a salty residue on surfaces or hands, and remains moist and pliable for a long time.  I found the recipe while I was doing my student teaching in Utah State University’s preschool.  Later when I was teaching in a high school setting, I almost forgot about it.  All these years after raising my own kids - the same mimeographed (if you’ve heard that word, then YOU’RE as old as I am...), barely legible copy is still in my recipe file - and I can only find it by looking for it’s faded green color.

We get pretty innovative with our playdough sessions.  My six-year-old grandson and I play tic-tac-toe by rolling out “recyclable” squares of dough and then cutting in “X”’s with a plastic knife, and pushing in “O”’s with anything circular.  My four-year-old granddaughter loves to use my HUGE rolling pin, and then trades off for my small dual-roller with the cool edger built in.  

And the two-year-old’s favorite thing to do is cut it in microscopic pieces - over and over again.  

To each their own.  He did ask me to make a pink pig (kind of random) and I gave it my best shot.  Anything for the grandkids...

If you're tired of cooking, and want to pretend - check out this simple recipe at:

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  1. cute! And you did a very good job on you rpink pig, lol. I am excited to try this with my littles, I know they will love it...and I can throw it away and make more when it gets dirty!