Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Restos de Cilantro Pollo - as good or BETTER than yesterday...

“Restos” (in Spanish) means leftovers or remains...  I had hoped for a ‘classier’ word, but it will do.  The ‘remains’ from yesterday’s Cilantro Chicken post are transformed into an entirely different experience here.  Corn tortillas, green enchilada sauce, and cheddar cheese give it a delicious facelift.

In my opinion, if one must have leftovers (‘er... PLAN-overs), they should be as good - or better - than the original dish.  It’s an appetite killer to see what you had last night on your plate over and over again.  But this just might change your mind about that.

If you don’t want to have another casserole-type entree, you might want to warm yesterday’s Cilantro Chicken (that link is HERE), shred the chicken slightly, and serve it in a warmed corn tortilla with rice.  That is certainly fast and (as you well know) anything wrapped in a tortilla scores points with children.  

This version is my preference though.  Everything is ready, and the only preparation required is slicing the chicken and cutting tortillas in half.  I guess you could say that opening a can of enchilada sauce and a bag of grated cheese are “steps” as well, but I can handle it.

The green enchilada sauce isn’t really necessary, but it adds a little zing to the finished product (and it’s fun for St. Patrick’s Day also)

For the recipe for this quick-fix chicken plan-over, go to:

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