Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day Two (of sixteen days of GREEN)

I was sitting here at the computer yesterday and noticed a few sounds I hadn't heard in a LONG time...

Lawnmowers.  Birds.  Children playing.

It was like waking up from a long winter's nap.  Then I looked out the window and saw a lawn maintenance truck across the street.  No doubt about it, it IS time for some green...

Thanks to Laura of for this fun idea for a green appetizer - Chile & Cheese Spirals.

And that is some bright green!  She also includes a link showing how to adapt these into a Christmas tree for the holidays...  This was a Christmas idea originally, but I thought it would be easy to adapt into clovers by placing them in three's or four's with celery curl stems.  (Someone please send me a picture if you decide to try it...)  Check out Laura's fantastic food site HERE.

I have six (and a half!) adorable grandchildren, and I made these green/blue treats for them last Halloween.  The link is HERE.

The "sorting" of the Trix was the happiest step in the recipe.

The colors are great for St. Patrick's Day, but I need to figure out how to add a Leprechaun hat and a gold coin.  Ideas anyone?

Enjoy watching everything greening up out there...

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  1. What about a chocolate covered graham cracker, and maybe a portion of another graham, for the top hat? Very cute! I think I will do these with my kids. Thanks for the idea!