Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cilantro Chicken - substitutes "YUM" for "ho-hummmmm..."

Fair is fair - I've asked for green recipes, and today I give you this one:

The only people who wouldn’t worship this chicken would be those who have “issues” with Mexican parsley - aka - cilantro.  This looks bland, but it is infused with wonderful flavors, and goes well with spanish rice, beans, and warm corn tortillas.  And wait to see what else can be done with the leftovers tomorrow (if you actually have any, that is) 

I admit that it has taken me a lifetime to appreciate the unique flavor of cilantro.  But now that I’ve “reformed” - I look for it in everything. 

I thought these attempts at describing the taste of cilantro were...interesting?

“sort of a leafy-onion” taste / “if gasoline had a flavor, it would be cilantro” / “simply the taste of fresh”, etc...
But here is one that sound very intelligent and believable (see if you agree)
For those who like it, the flavor of cilantro is often described as aromatic and zesty with flavors of sage and citrus. Those who don't like it typically abhor its taste, describing it as soapy, medicinal, and bitter. 
The flavor of cilantro actually tastes different depending on which foods you are eating it with. When added to salsas in Mexican cuisine, cilantro blends with the other ingredients brightening the flavors while at the same time helping to cool and tone down some of the heat from the chilies.

So - if you enjoy cilantro, this is going to be one of your favorites!  The cumin adds just a little warmth, but it’s not spicy.  My son-in-law’s family shared this recipe with me, and my daughter makes it all the time.  Her three children (under the age of five) all love it.  Give it a chance, you just might enjoy it.

Here’s an idea for dealing with those little 4-oz cans of green chilies.  I rarely use the entire can (small though they are)  I use what I need, then pour the remaining amount into a sandwich size ziploc baggie.  Label it clearly, store in your freezer till needed, then quickly thaw in a sink of cold water. (Remember, without a label - it’s anyone’s guess what’s inside)

And by the way... although this can be done in the crockpot for convenience, it turns out much better baked in the oven uncovered.  The sauce is thicker and richer when prepared this way.  Rice and/or beans with shredded lettuce & tomato makes this a complete meal. 

For this great "GREEN" recipe and step-by-step photos & instructions - go to:

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