Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mud Hen Bars - delicious deviation from the common cookie...

This unusual ‘cookie’ is similar to a Blondie - but dressed up on top with a layer of marshmallows and a baked meringue topping.  The chocolate & nuts keep it interesting - and sweet...  If you love deviations from good old ‘standby’ cookies - give these a whirl.  I enjoyed the surplus of textures and flavors you rarely see together in one cookie.

I originally found this strange combination of a bar cookie on foododelmundo.com - and I’ve been trying to find the origin ever since.  

The “Mud Hen” name has shown up in Mud Hen, New Jersey, Charleston, West Virginia, and finally Toledo, Ohio - with one of the finest minor league franchises in all of sports - the Toledo Mud Hens (originating in 1896 - team photo below...)

It seems variations of this recipe have been around since at least the 1950’s - it’s as old as I am!  It has turned up in church cookbooks, newspaper food columns, and passed from mother to daughter since then.

This is one of those “adventurous” types of sweet treats - that crosses the lines between a bar, drop, and meringue type of cookie.  I’ve never seen a meringue made with brown sugar, which gave it an earthy taste - not so refined.  

I thrive on nuts - especially when they are coarsely chopped, so you KNOW it’s a nut.  The marshmallows provide a barrier between the cookie base and the moist meringue topping.  That made it a little challenging to make a nice, clean cut - which is annoying when you’re trying to get a good photo!  

At first glance, you might not give these a chance.  But give them a try and see if you are a “MUD HEN” type.

For this cookie recipe of yesteryear - go to:

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  1. These sound fabulous. I just printed up the recipe. Thanks!