Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day twelve (of sixteen days of GREEN) - "Pebbles 'n Foam"

I love divinity with toasted pecans, so it only made sense to try pistachios.  I changed the flavorings from just vanilla, to a combination of almond flavoring with vanilla.  After adding a tiny bit of green paste food coloring, these were a good fit for St. Patrick’s Day.  Pistachios - with their natural green color, are perfect for this Irish candy.   I just had to get silly with a new name - after all, St. Patrick’s Day could use a new generation of candy.  

Whenever I visit a vintage candy store (where they let you stand at the counter and choose a sample) I bypass the fudge and covet the divinity.  I guess I prefer divinity because I know (by experience) that it is a miracle every time a batch turns out perfectly.  

I’ve given up on divinity for 15-20 years now.  My first few attempts were while standing at the kitchen counter with two or three toddlers wrapped around my legs asking when I would be finished.  Those days are gone, so I was ready to give it another try.

If you can get two things right, you WILL have perfect divinity.  Those two things are:
Correct Temperature:  use a properly calibrated thermometer (digital is so much simpler nowdays) - and adjust it for your altitude.  I do that by measuring what temperature water boils at my altitude, and then adjust up or down (DOWN for my 4,300 foot altitude). 

Weather:  This is one way to say it... “The weather determines whether you’ll like it!”  Because of the high amount of sugar, divinity will act like a sponge to the air around it.  If the day is humid (over 50%), then it will not dry properly and will usually end up a gooey mess.  Final word - DRY days only.

This recipe is the standard you will find in any cookbook and website out there.  I’ve only changed the flavoring ratio, and the type of nuts - as well as adding green paste food coloring.  The almond flavor really went well with the pistachios - fun for a change!

Even if you've given up on divinity - give it one more shot.  (Just check the weather first)  

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