Friday, March 12, 2010

Day eleven (of sixteen days of GREEN) - No Meat Spinach Lasagna

Green isn't just for the Irish you know...  

You know how many versions of this type of lasagna there are... This all-veggie lasagna will have you hunting for sausage or beef - but you won’t find it.  This is a bit time intensive, and it’s definitely time not wasted.  First time on the table is yummy, but the second and third time is even better.   

Lasagna is a heavy-duty main dish, and I have to watch what I serve with it - or we can hardly function after dinner.  This no-meat recipe reminds me of Baby Bear in Goldilocks and the Three Bears - just right.  

My family is full of people who dislike both spinach and mushrooms - but it wasn't an issue here.  It’s so annoying when each child has a unique dislike.  It would be so much easier if only ONE hated all things green, rubbery, oniony, nutty....I'm sure you know what I mean?  Keeps things interesting though.
I ran across this recipe on - and even though there wasn’t a photograph to reel me in - it did just that.   As you can tell from my photos - it isn’t what I would call “cover-worthy”...  You won’t find this on the front of your favorite cooking magazine.  But this is Italian Comfort Food at it’s finest.  

The flavors work well and just get along with each other.  I used slightly different cheeses, as I am not a “cheese snob”.  But I did use fresh mozzarella - which is always wonderful and melts smoothly.  

This Lasagna Trio Pan is a great way to bake this lasagna (see the link on below).  It’s one of those “silly” kitchen gadgets that you try to talk yourself out of - but I use it for so many things besides lasagna.  (Great for bar cookies, breads, etc...)

For my adaptation of this recipe, along with a photo tutorial - go to:

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