Friday, March 19, 2010

Beef Foldovers - reinvent those leftovers

Here is a way to reinvent a small amount of meat and vegetables that you might otherwise discard.  Homemade gravy and pastry will transform yesterday’s beef roast, carrots, and potatoes into something to look forward to.  Individual portions can be refrigerated or frozen for a quickly warmed meal.  Drizzle with additional gravy if desired.

Still dealing with Leprechaun Leftovers?  On St. Patrick’s Day we made Savory Herbed Potatoes & Carrots to go with the traditional corned beef brisket.  We had some vegetables left, but the brisket (our favorite), bit the dust quickly.  I still had a small amount of roast beef from Sunday dinner, with almost a cup of rich pan drippings.  

I enjoy meat pie, but it makes way too much for the two of us.  I also enjoy pot pies, but I have to be really motivated to go to all that effort.  Thanks to blog-hopping, I saw an idea for corned beef pasties. 

I didn’t realize a Pasty became popular here in the US until the 1800’s.  Cornish miners took these pastry “envelopes” to work in the mines.  The shape of the pasty made it simple to heat up by placing on a shovel and holding it over a head-lamp candle.  Miners sometimes placed a hot pasty into their coat pocket for convenience (and warmth)

Other cultures developed variations of the same thing - think of the Pierogie, Tamale, Karelian, and Kalakukko to name a few.  The difference between a pasty and a pie is that it doesn’t require a dish to hold it - just fold & fill.  

You’ll enjoy these hot from the oven, (and who knows) - maybe you’ll pocket one to take to work.

For this simple tutorial, recipe, and a link to the pie crust recipe, go to:

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