Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blushing Pink Bowtie Salad - nominated for best supporting salad...

Have you ever wanted a salad that is a TOUCH more special than the usual tossed salad - but not too over-the-top that it steals the show from the main dish?  Most salads of this type include chicken or nuts, and  sometimes make the entree that follows look passe’.  Easy to put together for a single serving, or for a crowd.

I’ve been envious of the many blogs I enjoy when they post a spring salad with multiple ingredients.  I love complicated salads, but realistically they aren’t possible most of the time.  

This is a result of putting together what sounded delicious at the time, but I didn’t have to go shopping for.  What did it for me was finding the dressing recipe on sisterscafe (HERE).  It looked so simple, but Mindy’s description sounded so irresistible - I had to try it.  I have to say it is everything she built it up to be...  Thanks Mindy!

I love fresh mozzarella - it has such a great texture and mild flavor that you can add it to anything and it makes it complete.  I happened to have an extra package left from making spinach lasagna last week, and it was yummy julienned in the salad.    

Strawberries are just starting to appear (for a decent price) - and they combined with the pink dressing to give the salad a “rosy” hue.  And how can you go wrong with bacon?  It’s so fast when I have a package of precooked bacon from Costco stored in the refrigerator.  

I even had a big plate of this salad (left from the night before) for dinner almost 24 hours later.  It was just beginning to wilt, but it was still terrific. 

For this recipe and a photo tutorial, go to:


  1. I know LOTS of people that read your blog and love all of the recipes. It's a main topic of conversation at times. Thanks for keeping it going, I refer to it often! And this salad does look delish!