Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stove Pipe Bread - fresh from your oven, or little rounds of toast...

Some winter days just NEED homemade bread.  But if I’m the only one home, I think twice - and usually suppress the urge.  This fun recipe makes just enough for a small can-size loaf that sends a home-baked bread aroma into the air.  

This is a tasty bread - both warm from the oven, and sliced into toast rounds.  But the best thing about it is that it requires no kneading, and I don’t have to get out all the heavy machinery (aka - bread machine, stand mixer, or food processor)  All it takes is an electric mixer.  This was ready - start to finish - in about an hour. 

This recipe is meant to bake in coffee cans, but work just as well in crocks (such as utinsel crocks that hold your kitchen tools - isn’t it nice they have another use)  I had neither on hand, so I went looking...  
Maybe you are like me and you can’t bring yourself to throw out cookie or candy tins from Christmas?  I save the Pirouette rolled wafer tins for some reason (I guess I’m being frugal?) until about July, then when I need pantry space I toss them.  Luckily I had one still hanging around, and I decided to use it.  It was the perfect size...
The original source for the recipe is from Aldi, but I found it originally on frugaldrmom.blogspot.com.

For my adaptation of this recipe, along with step-by-step photos - go to:

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