Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frosty Faced Layer Cake - a reason to smile for winter birthdays...

I’m feeling (just a smidge) of nostalgia about Winter coming to a close, so when I saw this fun cake idea, I couldn’t resist.  This time of year lemon is irresistible, so I used a lemon/citrus cake filled with tart lemon mousse.  Easy-to-find gumdrops, pretzel logs, and a spare candy cane finish off his happy face. Great winter birthday cake idea for the kids!

After-Christmas birthdays are often a drag!  Birthdays in December, January, and February can leave the birthday kid feeling shortchanged sometimes.  After all, they KNOW you chose their gifts from the after-Christmas sales.  Everyone is so DONE with sweets, so it's hard to get excited about making a birthday cake.

When I found this cake idea on, I was excited to try it for all those jilted birthday people.  It was fun, easy, and brought an instant smile to everyone’s face.

I used the recipe from Mini-Lemon Blueberry Bundts (HERE) that gets it’s intense lemon flavor from Mountain Dew (soda), a lemon cake mix, and lemon pudding.  It is so moist - it really doesn’t need anything else to make it special.  But this time I decided to fill the layers with a lemon mousse that was absolutely lip-smacking.  Cool Whip, regular frosting, or even lemon pudding would be good alternatives.  Then again, if you don’t care to impress anyone - make TWO of these cakes and skip the filling altogether!  Your choice...

I had quite a time finding the candy cane (go figure, it's February!) - but I confiscated one at a hot chocolate bar we had at a Relief Society meeting a few weeks ago.  A word to the wise:  hang onto a few of those candy canes - even if you are tired of seeing them all over your house after Christmas.

I sprinkled the freshly-frosted cake with edible clear food glitter, and it looked like freshly fallen snow.  However, my kids hate it - as it sticks to your teeth like glue.  If it is worth it or not depends upon your audience!

For the recipe(s) for the cake & filling, as well as plenty of detailed step-by-step photos - go to:

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