Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Freezer Potato Puffs - add a touch of "gourmet" to meals for one...

Ever thought that mashed potatoes for one person is just too much effort?  Using your favorite mashed potatoes that you make for the masses, these piped puffs eliminate that excuse.  Mashed potatoes are the most forgiving frozen vegetable out there - you just can’t fail when using them, especially in the microwave.

I’ve mentioned several times that I’m not a fan of “freezer meals”.  Textures and flavors are rarely up to par when I freeze a casserole or main dish.  They are acceptable in a pinch, but I’d rather spend a little extra time making “authentic” tasting food from scratch.  

On the other hand, freezing the components of a meal in order to save time makes perfect sense.  It’s those time-consuming extra steps that discourage me from making what I would call CLASSY meals for just myself.  Anyone identify?
When I’m making a crust, topping, or garnish that is time-consuming (and that literally EATS all my clean dishes & tools) - I’m going to make it worth my while!  These are the items that are worth it to make in mass, especially if they don’t typically lose quality when stored till I need them.
Making mashed potatoes is one of those tasks mentioned above.  But just look at all the ways you can garnish with a little swirl of mashed potatoes...  Imagine these creamy mashed potato puffs atop any of these main dishes from the past year...

For simple instructions, links, and lots of photos showing you how - go to:

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