Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warm Oatmeal "Cookies" for breakfast - who can resist?

If you love warm oatmeal cookies, just think of how fun they would be for breakfast!  Just you at home?  No problem - just package the extra and re-warm in the microwave tomorrow.  Serve with a scoop of frozen tri-berry fruit mix (from your local Costco) and this breakfast becomes even better...

I’m a whole grain aficionado - I usually make a small bowl of cracked wheat or steel-cut oats for breakfast early in the morning as I make a “man’s” breakfast for my eighteen-year-old son.  (I spent twenty-plus years forcing my children to eat the same thing as I did - and now they only like sugary cold cereal)  I can’t get away with hot cereal anymore for my “kid” - but I can entice him with warm oatmeal “cookies” for breakfast - especially with fruit!

I ran across this idea on jamiecooksitup blog - and I was drawn in by the beautiful berries that looked so fresh and colorful on a drab, cold, and foggy winter day.  I thought to myself - I have berries - who cares if they’re frozen?  In my freezer, I’ve had the Tri-berry mix from Costco since last fall.  I placed a small scoop of them in a glass dish and gave them about 20 seconds in the microwave and they were absolutely delicious on this warm bowl of oatmeal “cookies”.

This recipe, as Jamie notes, is found on tasteofhome.com.  Great find!   The only thing I would do differently is to bake it on a half-size baking sheet for a little longer than it calls for.  The mixture has a tendency to burn when it is spread so thin.

For the recipe for this warm-up breakfast, go to:


  1. Looks great! I'm glad you gave the recipe a try! I wish I was eating some as we speak...

  2. I love Oatmeal anything for breakfast! Plus those berries look like the perfect accompaniment.