Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Multi-Grain No-Knead Bread - no kids allowed...

So WHY is this in the “empty nest” category you ask?  Because, if you have kids - they will hate this bread.  After all - it has all that STUFF - those unidentifiable items that make their noses wrinkle in disbelief that you would actually expose them to anything remotely healthy.  But YOU (on the other hand) will love it!

I need to give proper credit for the origin of this recipe.  I found it a while ago on (one of my favorite sites).  It is a long and tedious recipe to get through - so I will try to condense it into a quicker read.

First - my changes (and why)  When I want this bread, I don’t want to wait for up to two days to enjoy it.  When I get a hankering for warm bread, I’m all for gettin’ it done!  The original recipe calls for preparation with ice water and two rises of 3-10 hours, then 12-18 hours...  So - I changed the instructions.   If you want to see the original recipe (presented as a “Multi-Grain Bread Kit”) - click here.  It’s a fantastic presentation...

Next - I’m all for healthy grains, but not all over the bottom of my oven.  And flax seed is particularly nasty when it’s burning.  So - I will make it with half of the recommended amount of poppy, sesame, and flax seed.  

I will also mix half the seed mixture into the dough before I coat the loaf pan.  The other half I’ll divide between the bottom of the loaf and the top.  And I’m sure it will STILL drop off in the middle of baking and burn.  But this time I’ll place a baking sheet under the loaf pan to catch the seeds.

My (older) kids enjoyed this bread as much as I did - (but my grandkids would be mortified! ) It was delicious with Smooth-As-Silk Banana Squash Soup - doesn’t it look yummy swimming in that golden lake of soup?  I think I’m going to go make both of these again...

For the complete (changes included) recipe - go to:

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