Thursday, January 28, 2010

No-Flour Mint Brownie Bites - shiny, crackly, heavenly...

Barely crunchy, with a touch of mint - you’ll think it’s a chewy mint brownie with invisible frosting.  With no added fat or flour, you’ll wonder how it can have such a moist, brownie-like texture.  These are a fast-fix for an elegant treat at the last minute.  Your gluten-intolerant friends will love them too...

When I see a crackly shiny surface on anything chocolate, I’m a goner...  This “cookie” is impossible to resist.

I found a similar recipe on and saved it for one of those days I needed a dose of chocolate.  I changed it up a bit - reducing the amount and type of nuts and adding Andes’ Mint baking chips in place of part of the nuts.  I also mixed it in a different order when adding the mint chips.  And of course I changed the NAME - these need “brownie” in the title!

I have several family and friends who have a gluten-intolerance, so these are the perfect treat to give them.  These look beautiful in a cellophane bag tied with ribbon for Valentine’s Day.

For the full recipe with lots of photos & detailed instructions - go to:

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