Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flipside Fireman's Pie - family favorite "single-sized"

Shepherd’s Pie is well known (in this neck of the woods) as a way to use up leftover beef, potatoes, and vegetables.  I’ve noticed the same dish being called “Fireman’s Pie” - but with a dash of hot sauce.  I was feeling adventurous and decided to try it, but layered it in reverse order - using the potatoes as the base.  
If you want to see the recipe for our family favorite “Shepherd’s Pie” - click HERE.  This is very similar, but using ground chuck as the beef - with just a pinch of hot sauce (hence - “Fireman’s” Pie - anything with a bit of FIRE you see)  
We loved this twist on our old favorite because the potatoes stay moist and creamy - never drying out because they are nestled beneath the beans and gravy.  We noticed that when refrigerated, you can “pop” out the entire pie and place it in a ziploc bag to freeze it without the ramekin.   A great idea for solo suppers.
This post includes a good way to freeze ground beef in useable portions - something I learned from my oldest daughter.  I've also included step-by-step instructions and photos for using a potato "ricer" to make the most fantastic mashed potatoes in a flash...  If you've never used a potato ricer - you just won't believe the difference it makes.

For this recipe, go to:

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