Friday, January 15, 2010

Spanish Style Fried Rice - the BEST item on any mexican combo platter...

Sometimes the best thing about ordering up a combo-platter at a mexican restaurant is the side dishes - beans, guacamole, RICE...  We loved this tender rice studded with bits of tomato, green pepper, and some unusual spices.  It was the perfect side dish for Tacoritos (see next post...)

After all the weight-gain fav’s that seem to be EVERYWHERE during the holidays - mexican food sounds so gooooooood.  I’ve been looking for a good spanish rice recipe for a long time - and I found (a version of) this on - but it called for ground turkey.  Somehow, turkey this time of year is just a LITTLE too close to the last few holidays - so I opted to make it meatless.

I used my bottled diced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce to give it a more “chunky” texture.
With the chunks of diced green pepper and onion - it was terrific.

The combination of flavors with dried thyme, chili powder, and worcestershire
was wonderful - not too mild, but just enough pizzaz...

For this fast-fix recipe, go to:

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