Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mary's "Take-It-Easy" Taco Soup - relaaaaax....

When you use your crock pot, this soup is a recipe for a relaxing day.
Even if you don’t start it till 4:00 - it’s still possible to set
a relaxing bowl of this just-right taco soup in front of everyone by 5:30.
This version is mild, with the perfect amount of seasoning
to please even the most discriminating soup lover.

In November my daughter (who was married last month) had eye surgery.   It was supposed to be pretty routine, but complications happened that required two more surgeries.   A crazy time, to say the least - with her upcoming wedding just weeks away.  My dear friend Mary - who is one of my “visiting teachers” from my LDS ward

- tried to anonymously leave a large container of this FANTASTIC soup on my front porch.  When my doorbell rang right after bringing my daughter home from the hospital, I caught her trying to get out of sight. But I’m GLAD I caught her, or I wouldn’t have known who to ask for this recipe. 

Mary is one of my favorite people.  She doesn’t know I’m aware of this, but she walks early in the morning and snags everyone’s newspaper out of their driveway and sets it neatly right by their front door.  She also loves my little Yorkie - Kipper.  Anyone who can let my dog lick their face and gives them kisses back is automatically one of my favorite people. 

When she finally admitted she was responsible for this soup - I blackmailed her for the recipe.  She graciously gave in and shared, insisting it is really “nothing special” - but it certainly was divine to me and my family.

For this recipe, as well as step-by-step photos - go to:


  1. This sounds wonderful. I would love to try it but when I click to see the recipe I only see a partial list of ingredients and no instructions. HELP!

  2. Thanks for letting me know... I've fixed the font problem and it should be visible now!

  3. Unfortunately, I still can't see the recipe. There must be something wrong with my computer.