Monday, January 11, 2010

Single Meatball Subs - in a DISH...

This meatball “sub” is a lot easier to eat than Subway’s or Quiz-no’s - but is every bit as satisfying.  By preparing them in single serving ramekins - one preparation will serve six, or can be easily refrigerated or frozen for future meals.  What has always been a take-out favorite is now “stay-in”...

Well - you’ll be seeing more recipes for one (or two) in the next little while.  My college kids (the newlyweds) are now nose-to-the-grindstone in school and are too poor to travel home - even if they ARE hungry!

I found this recipe in the Deseret News years ago, clipped it out, and tried it about a year ago.  We (my four kids who were still at home then) really enjoyed it.  But the problem was it made enough to feed the masses.  Now it’s just my son and I (on a good day, anyway!) we can never use that amount.  So...  I decided to divide it into smaller portions.

It worked well.  After baking, it’s easy to spoon this from the extra ramekins into a plastic container to freeze or save to use later.  And it really DOES taste like a meatball subway sandwich... 

For this "feeds ONE or ALL" recipe (with photos) - go to:

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