Friday, January 15, 2010

Pork Tacoritos - a cross between two favorites...

If your family is like mine, half of us like tacos - and the others like burritos.  If you’re having dinner at your favorite mexican restaurant - that’s workable.  If not - give these a try.  This is a good way to use up leftover pork roast, ribs, or other lean meats.  Use beans for filler if desired - but it’s great without.

For the flavor of tacos, but the “heartiness” of burritos - this is a great compromise.  The sauce is not at all “tomato-ey” - but reminds me of enchillada sauce.   Even those who have issues with spicy foods will enjoy the mild flavor.

You can surely use corn tortillas, but they won’t hold up quite as well.  Beans can be added if desired, and you can also use ground beef and/or sausage for an entirely different flavor & texture. 

Occasionally I love to bake a large dutch oven of boneless pork ribs, and this is a great way to utilize the leftovers.  I store them in a large ziploc bag, then cube the meat for later.  Yum...

It would also be good filled with refried beans and/or rice - but we enjoyed a simpler version with cubed pork and tri-blend cheese.  Served with yesterday’s Spanish Style Fried Rice, and lettuce/tomatoes/sour cream - it was terrific.

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