Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kit Kat Squares - Twix or Kit-Kat, you make the call...

Just to cover myself - these are not identical to what we all know as Twix OR Kit Kat bars, but they are just as addicting and satisfying.    They seem to be a nice compromise when you are craving a crispy wafer, with a touch of butterscotch/peanut butter/ and chocolate...

I think it’s about time for a bit of an indulgence after more than three weeks of “cold turkey” without much sugar since the Christmas holidays.  Like most of you, I’ve tried to cut back on the caloric craziness and eat more sensibly.  But sometimes you need to have one naughty indulgence so you can carry on.  

I found these on a long time ago - and I was saving them for a week just like this one.  This recipe makes a healthy (?!) portion - so prepare to give some away so you don’t eat the entire batch yourself.

And just so you can have an intelligent discussion about which candy confection it reminds you of - here are some visual references to help you make your own decision...

For the recipe for this incredibly easy January indulgence 
- go to:

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