Friday, January 22, 2010

Cran/Apple/Orange Relish - a taste of winter sunshine...

It’s interesting how I ALWAYS have extra seasonal foods on hand after the holidays.  I have the greatest intentions to use it all up, but with the (over)abundance of good food that time of year - some of it hides out in the back of the refrigerator unnoticed until mid-January.  This is a feast for the tastebuds - no matter the time of year - you’ll crave it on crackers during the SuperBowl, or just sneak a spoonful or two on the sly... 

I love anything my neighbor JoAnn makes...  She brought this to an event last November and it’s been on my mind ever since.  You need to give this a try while you can still find fresh cranberries.

JoAnn found this on  It is a delicious taste of winter sunshine during such a drab time of year!  You’ll think I’m strange, but it would be delicious as a topping on whole wheat toast - fresh marmalade anyone?

I took it with me to the Conference Center today, and my shift devoured it in short order.  It WAS good wake-up food, and it was even better on “Flipsides” crackers (1/2 pretzel, and 1/2 Ritz - yummy...)  The contrast of the sweet/tart relish on a salty/pretzel-ly crunchy cracker is hard to describe.

You’ll need an old-fashioned food grinder to get the chunky texture - but if you only have a food processor, you could use it (being careful not to overprocess it).  The only difference is the texture - the “chunkier” the better.  Hand-chopping would also work, but it would be extremely tedious.  

The batch I made (photos at right) was thicker than I remember JoAnn’s being - probably because I used more cranberries than it called for.  I’m sure the thickness is a result of differences in pectin in the fresh fruits I used.  

For this recipe, along with step-by-step photos - go to:

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