Saturday, January 23, 2010

Burgundy Chicken - tapioca in a chicken dish?!

This deep red sauce that transforms common place chicken thighs into a dish one you will want to enjoy slowly.  Serve it with your favorite pasta, or creamy mashed potatoes for contrast in color and texture.  Golden mushrooms swimming in the sauce add rich flavor and nice texture.  It’s fun when you experiment with random ingredients and quantities, and somehow you SCORE!  I love it when that happens...

I found a recipe for “Merlot Chicken” on a website a while ago, and wrote down the proportions to try later.  However, I was stumped as to what to substitute for the merlot - as I don’t use alcohol in my cooking.  I had tried a dish at Olive Garden with “merlot” in the title, and it was much too sweet for me.  My motto is changing lately to - “when all else fails - use chicken broth”...

That was a good choice - along with other adjustments - and what resulted was this recipe.  My sons gave it ALL-thumbs-up (in other words - it can’t get a better rating)   My family prefers dark chicken over light - but I’m sure chicken breast would work as well.  Just be careful not to overcook to avoid it drying out.

I liked the just-barely-thickened texture of the sauce.  This was most likely from the combination of quick-cooking tapioca (yes - that’s right!) and parmesan.  (Making this made me promise myself to plant basil this summer!)  I would be surprised if you don’t love this unusual chicken.  Let me know what you think...

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