Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Fall Apart" Sunday Roast - required tips for new brides...

Each of my daughters - who are all married now - call me for a little coaching when they want to "wow" their husbands with what they remember as "Fall Apart" Sunday Roast.  

Sundays have turned into one of the busiest days of my week around here.  I have meetings almost the entire day it seems, and sometimes I miss being able to spend a few hours making a fantastic Sunday dinner.  

I love walking into my kitchen after one of those crazy “days of rest(?)” and knowing that almost our entire evening meal is ready and waiting for us.  Thanks to the “timed bake” function on my double oven, I can put this on to cook when I leave around 9:00 AM, and when we are ready to eat around 4:00 - it’s waiting for us.

There are only two categories of people when it comes to squash.  Those who LOVE it, and those who HATE it.  Now some of you may not think that banana squash is anything special.   But come the middle of January I'm glad I planted it, watered it, and then stored it in the coldest part of my garage last September.  A big hunk of this squash is the BEST when you score it all over, slather it with butter, and then salt & pepper it to enjoy with this so-called “Fall Apart Roast”...  

Should I admit that I only use my crock-pot during the summer?  A delicious tender roast is SO MUCH better baked long and slow in my oven...  The beef broth is richer (not so watery), and somehow the oven adds a deep rich flavor to the beef.  Beef roast slow cooked this way in the oven - beats a crock-pot roast hands down!  But I still enjoy my crock pot (when it’s 100 degrees outside - and those days are right around the corner, you know...)

For all the "motherly advice" I give my kids on how to duplicate their favorite roast (with lots of step-by-step photos) - go to:

If you still aren’t convinced that this Sunday Roast can simplify your life - check out what you can make with the leftovers during the week...

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  1. Great looking roast, and reminds me of my mom's Sunday Roast....I never can make it like she did.