Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Asparagus Ham Spirals - appetizers aren't just for New Years anymore...

Our neighborhood held a bridal shower tonight. The refreshments were fun & unusual... hors d’oeuvres & cupcakes.  Several of us volunteered to bring some and I tried these yummy bites that were delicious (and easy).  It was hard to leave them alone.  Appetizers aren’t just for New Years...


I’m sure you’re saying “right... asparagus in January?”  It doesn’t matter though - you’re only using enough for a tiny taste and some bright color - EIGHT spears most of us can afford.

I found a great (new?) item in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.  Pillsbury Crescent Dough - but this stuff is all one sheet (NO perforations - yeah!)  It made this recipe a snap.

I’m sure I could have flavored my own cream cheese spread - but today I was in a hurry and convenience ruled.

Drizzled with garlic butter just before you pop these in the oven - you’ll be tempted to snag one before you take them to a party (bridal shower OR the SuperBowl party - they would be a hit at any event)

For this simple, delicious appetizer recipe (with detailed photos & instructions) - go to

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