Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gingered Lemon Chicken - try it with Pomegranate...

The origin of this recipe has been long forgotten, but it always comes to my mind when I want a fast-fix dinner idea for one or two. It can be on the table within about 30 minutes - and most of that time is waiting for the rice to cook completely. I also tried it with pomegranate juice instead of lemon, and it was fabulous.

This is great to use with the individually packaged Costco chicken breasts. If I’ve forgotten to thaw a 2-pack, I put it in a sink of warm water for about 5-10 minutes while I assemble the marinade and sauce ingredients. I discovered sesame oil in the Chinese section of the grocery store. It comes in a very small bottle, and anything you add a few drops to takes on an Asian flavor. We like this over rice or chinese noodles, but even Rice-A-Roni would be fine. If you have ‘purists’ in your family - serve the sauce on the side to dip the chicken into.

I decided to try the POM pomegranate juice I was sent by the POM company a few weeks ago. First I thickened it with a little Ultra-Gel and just used it as a drizzle over romaine, sliced grapes, and winter pears. Next time I would add a little sugar - it was a wee bit tart. Then I made the lemon sauce for the chicken again - this time substituting POM pomegranate juice for the 1/2 cup water and lemon juice. I wasn’t sure how the ginger would go with the juice, but it was tasty! This would be a nice holiday entree - and it couldn’t be easier! The juice is such an amazing red color - it’s appetizing just looking at it.

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