Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jamie's Cheese Soup - a definite keeper!

I love recipes like this one... Few steps with predictable results - it’s a keeper. It also makes enough to feed a substantial sized group. This would be easy to add other veggies to - and even leftover holiday ham. Jamie’s claims were true - it takes less than an hour and everyone loves it.

I stumbled upon this terrific recipe while browsing through my favorite food blogs. Jamie of has a fun site with very practical, down-to-earth recipes that my family would love. I found this one the day after Thanksgiving and tried it with turkey sandwiches. Yum!

I did add a few more bouillon cubes (because I don’t like to have to hunt for the S&P shakers). But I DO need some advice... how in the world do you peel those miserable little wrappers off so MANY bouillon cubes?! By the time I peeled twelve I was ready to pull my hair out! Suggestions anyone?

I also added about a cup of diced celery for a little more interest, texture, and color. This recipe is similar to a Broccoli Cheese soup we have enjoyed for years - but I liked the fact that you didn’t add the cooking water with the vegetables. That makes the texture much more predictable! Thanks Jamie...

For my photos & Jamie's recipe that I adapted, go to:

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  1. Thanks so much for the post and link. I appreciate it a lot. Glad you like the soup, it's a great one. As far as the bullion cubes are concerned....latelty I have been letting my little 3 year old twin boys unwrap them for me! Anything I can do to keep those little hands busy is a bonus! Have a great day, and thanks again!