Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin Buns - a way to use the Great Pumpkin on your porch...

It seems that I’m seeing the world through orange-colored glasses lately. Everything is springing up pumpkin - and I don’t mind. I found this recipe tucked in a magazine in a doctor's office waiting room a month ago - and I’ve been anxious to give it a try.

These great little buns are not loaded with sugar to begin with, but they sweeten up with the addition of the filling and glaze. This a nice change from the ordinary cinnamon roll. You really can’t detect the pumpkin - but the color is the giveaway. Pumpkin acts the same way as mashed potatoes or potato flakes in a yeast dough. Although fairly tasteless, this miracle vegetable add-in yields a firmer, moist dough. The cinnamon filling compliments it well.

I like to keep several disposable 6-cup foil muffin pans on hand, which makes it easier to give away some of the bounty. These are too tempting to keep a lot on hand... I want to try freezing the dough as well. I think they're delicious and different...

For detailed photos, as well as this recipe, go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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  1. Ok. Truth be told I have never been a big fan of "pumpkin" anything... but then one of your pictures popped up on the screen and something about the goldeny color with those cinnamon swirls just caught my attention. I admit, upon whipping up these little yummies this morning, I have a new found fondness for "pumpkin," just in time for the end of autumn.... So... BRAVO! (and, thanks for sharing...)