Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candy Corn Concrete - Halloween treats trapped in white chocolate

Too bad all the orange cones we’ve put up with this past summer couldn’t have been candy corn! But everything in this ‘resurfaced’ bed of white chocolate is delicious. It’s almost too bad you have to break up this festive orange ‘n black snack to enjoy it. Easy to package in takeout containers for gifts...

Many variations of this Halloween treat have been passed back and forth over the years. Like most of you, I like to adjust ingredients to suit my family’s preferences - so this version is slightly different than the standard.

I enjoy mailing a little Halloween care package of treats to my college kids & grandkids each year, but - alas - this is the ‘triple wedding year’ and I’ll have to spoil them later. But if I HAD been able to squeeze one more project in among the quilts and bridesmaid dresses - this is what I would have sent them.

I’m amazed by the variety of goodies that are available to pass out for Trick or Treaters this year. (I’m personally passing out blue “Monsters - vs - Aliens” cupcakes and Twinkies - just so they don’t tempt me at ALL) I found mini-packs of Mini Oreos this year, and decided I would add them to my “Concrete” - no cutting or breaking them into bite-size pieces!

For step-by-step photos & directions - go to:
www.changeabletable.com ("empty nest" tab)

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