Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween "DANG" Quesadillas - Grandkids in the kitchen...

There’s a time to aim for perfection... and not. I’m ready to let perfection go for this weekend. (Look at those cute chubby hands! I wish I could show you the grin on his face, but I’m uneasy putting my grandkids on the web...) Sometimes it’s just fun having mac ‘n cheese, PB&J, and muddy buddies!

If you don’t know what I mean by a “DANG” quesadilla - you need to see (my children’s favorite movie) “Napoleon Dynamite” - the world’s most randomly “funny” movie. It took me three times seeing it with my kids to buy into the humor - but now it finally makes me laugh (in spite of my very adult standards in comedy) We can’t use the word QUESADILLA around here without adding “dang” to it.

My daughter & daughter-in-law love to have projects going on to keep my (perfect) grandkids happy and busy. I thought this idea was especially fun.

My daughter took two burrito size quesadillas and put them on a griddle with grated cheese in between. When the tortillas were crispy and the cheese nicely melted and hot - she transferred them to a cutting board and let my little grandson press Halloween cookie cutters into the warm quesadilla. These made their lunch a real treat that day...

And... if you just can’t handle the heat (and MESS) get OUT of the kitchen and “cook” with those perfect grandkids in another room. Their little imaginations go a long way!

I'll quit being lazy and be back with a recipe or two later...

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