Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beef 'n Black Bean Zucchini Cups - yikes... we're infested with (zucchini) BATS...

My summer garden looks like a war zone... With a recent wedding, I haven’t had time to tear it out yet - but I’d better get on it! While everything else is blackened and dead from several recent episodes of frost, one half of one hardy plant is thriving still. It’s growth has slowed down, but it’s still cranking out an occasional baseball bat.

It just won’t give up... (my zucchini plant that is!) Rather than give it a toss, I decided to use it at the last minute as a “container” for the All Purpose Beef ‘n Black Bean Filling I stored in my freezer last summer. So fast to put together, I even had time to work on a little project before dinner - unheard of!

I saw this idea on and thought it looked like a great way to use up larger squash. I always feel guilty throwing them away - so this made me feel thrifty. I’m being honest with you... my son wasn’t crazy about this (he has been patiently consuming all my experiments with zucchini this summer) - but he did like the filling, and tolerated the “container”... I thought it was delicious, but that’s because (I like to think) I’m in charge.

For this recipe, step-by-step photos, links, and instructions - go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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