Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DIE (you stubborn zucchini plant) - just give it UP!

My favorite season is Fall - and yet it does have it's drawbacks... I'm so happy to have had a successful garden, but once the frost arrives - I'm through! It's fun to go outside after the first really frosty night and see all the surprise produce standing outside like you caught them in their underwear... I had no idea I had so many cantaloupe living a secret life nestled in my woolly thyme ground cover. The jungle of leaves kept them well hidden.

I am looking forward to using all these banana squash - but the zucchini? I've had enough and I'm not afraid to admit it. I decided to make one more recipe to use up the baseball bats. (I'll post it tomorrow, then I'm so DONE...) Notice my die-hard zucchini plant that is half-frozen, but hanging on for dear life while snuggled up to the brick wall on the warm south side of my garage? You have to admit, it's a lesson in perseverance.

Notice my beautiful Autumn Blaze Maple tree... a gift from friends of my husband when he passed away. Every fall it literally catches on fire overnight - a beautiful reminder of how fast our lives can change.

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