Friday, October 16, 2009

Toothy Apple Heads - make your apple dip "smile"...

You can’t help but smile when you see the goofy faces you can come up with for a simple piece of fruit. Easy ingredients combine with a few quick strokes of a knife - and a monster is born... Fun for Halloween, or to bribe any young-at-heart person (large or small) to eat their dinner.

These are all over the internet - but I’m not very skilled at making realistic looking eyes from frosting. I found these little googly-eyes at a restaurant supply company in Salt Lake City (Orson H. Gygi & Company) - and I picked up a package in three different sizes. These are the medium size, but the tiny ones would be fun to put on strawberries, grapes, or melon balls.

You can toast the almonds for a yellow-toothed “hillbilly” look - but I didn’t take the time. Everyone who sees these falls in love with the little guys, and can hardly bring themselves to take a bite.

Fun to serve with an apple dip for a Halloween Appetizer Party - (see the plate of random appetizers) I’ll post each one of them in the next week.

For instructions on making your grinning Apple Heads - go to: ("full house" tab)


  1. Hi - I love looking at your recipes. I want to make your Almond Puff - but only the ingredients are listed, not the directions. Will you be adding the directions to the page, or can you email me the recipe? Thank you!

  2. The changes have been made... sorry for the mistake! Thanks for stopping by...