Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mini White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecakes - so WORTH the effort!

Do you ever crave just a bite of decadent dessert? Have you ever taken a full slice of cheesecake, then later beat yourself up for overindulging? You’ll find you’re not alone when you take these to any event. I made two sizes: teeny-tiny “tartlettes”, and (for just a few calories more) true mini-cheesecakes... This flavor is reminiscent of my favorite slice at the Cheesecake Factory... (minus the chocolate curls on top)

I have been saving this recipe for months now - waiting for an event worthy of this much effort. And yes, it was a pain, but... it IS worthy! The flavor is wonderful - enough said!

This recipe is on I loved the hints she sprinkled among the recipe - especially using stabilized whipped cream. I’ve used it in cakes, but never as a decorative piped edge on anything. It has been sitting in my refrigerator for two days now, and it’s still hanging in there without separating. Bravo!

The topping recipe is my own. I also found that this recipe makes 12 mini-cheesecakes (in the Williams Sonoma pan) and 24 “tartlettes” in mini-tart pans that are found at any kitchen supply store. After making these, I have vowed to purchase yet another mini-cheesecake pan from Williams Sonoma. With a non-stick coating and a removable bottom - the cheesecakes just “pop out” with little or no effort. With TWO of my favorite pans, I can use the batter completely up.

For this wonderful recipe, along with numerous photos, hints, and links - go to: ("full house" tab)


  1. I love your blog Ann. My mom has been telling me all about it. I plan to be a follower:)