Monday, September 7, 2009

Breakfast Cake with Dried Blueberries - our family favorite, hands down!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this family favorite before... Of all the “special” breakfasts my family requests - this one wins hands down. We used to make this on Sunday evenings before going to bed, when we would sit around the table talking about the upcoming week. I miss those days...

This recipe comes from an OLD (and very dog-eared) copy of a paper-back Betty Crocker Cookbook that I have had since I went away to college almost a century ago. Since the first day I made it (to use up tons of leftover sour cream from a church dinner) - it’s still everyone’s favorite Sunday night treat. The delicious cinnamon-y aroma as it bakes drives everyone nuts waiting for it to finish.

Today (Labor Day) I made it for my son to bring back his high school friends for a late breakfast after watching their school get “swamped” in football by Trinity. It was good therapy. Give them (soft) butter, and lots of COLD milk and everyone feels like a million bucks.

I added dried blueberries (the kind you can buy at Costco, or elsewhere) - which I have never done before. The cinnamon streusel filling wrapped itself right around them and they almost tasted like very sweet raisins. But my kids’ favorite is still “plain jane” - (no berries!) As you can see, that didn’t stop them from polishing it off completely.

For this favorite recipe, go to: ("full house" tab)


  1. This looks awesome! You should consider submitting this to our Family Recipes event!

  2. I went with my three boys to the District to watch the Trinity game. A valiant effort! Wish we had come home to this! I love my Betty Crocker Cookbook I got at my wedding.