Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Best Bites" Chocolate Zucchini Bread - your zucchini dons a halo here...

Don’t you just love stumbling across a “keeper” of a recipe? I found this on - and it intrigued me at first glance. They describe it as “pretty much cake in a loaf pan” - but since it has a vegetable as an ingredient, it is wearing a halo around here! We love this recipe...

When I measure smaller amounts of several ingredients that I don’t want to painstakingly scrape out of the measuring cups - I combine them into one measuring cup and dig out those math skills and fractions I worked so hard on as a child. Since this recipe called for 1/2 cup oil - I measured that first. Then I dropped in spoonfuls of sour cream until it measured a full cup. You get the idea, I’m sure...

Surprisingly, one ten-inch zucchini yielded a generous three cups shredded - which I use the FINE grater attachment on my Bosch mixer. It’s pretty hard to tell it’s in there when it is so finely grated.

I wanted to make smaller loaves, so I greased three mini-pans and one medium size pan. I kept the larger one here at home, and gave the other three away to friends. I also increased the proportions of the topping ingredients so I would have enough for the four loaves, instead of two larger ones. It was generous, to say the least!

I love their tip in the recipe telling how to get your bread to RISE and shine in the pans (instead of giving it a noble try and then sinking) It really works!

For the recipe, links, and additional tips - go to: ("empty nest" tab)


  1. I made this recipe last week too! It really is super moist and delicious!

  2. oh boy oh boy! I LOVE zucchini bread and especially when chocolate is added to it! Fantastic! Have you ever tried blueberries in your zucchini bread??? I've got that super moist yummy recipe on my blog if you'd like to check it out. Zucchini ROCKS!!!