Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hunter's Stew - savory convenience...

This stew “evolved” gradually over the years as my husband and sons requested it for scout camps, hunting, fathers & sons outings, the “neighborhood” 4-wheeler trip, and other male-bonding activities. I make it the day before, and package it in gallon-size ziploc bags - then all it takes is a source of heat and a large pot and dinner’s ON!

The first requirement for this stew is lots of TIME. You just can’t hurry stew meat (in this case chuck roast that I cube). Next is an adequate heavy pot - my favorite is my huge Magnalite roaster, and second choice is my well-seasoned dutch oven. The last thing you need to make this a success is a secret ingredient: Campbell’s Golden Mushroom Soup. (Now it’s not a secret any longer, right?!) As the name of the soup implies - it gives you a rich golden gravy with large slices of mushrooms that really “makes” this hearty stew.

This recipe is very forgiving - if you pay attention to the three points above, you will most likely have the men in your life eating out of your hand (or your roaster anyway).

We have left this baking all day in our condo while we played at the lake, enjoyed this at Yellowstone among the buffalo, packaged it precooked in scout tin-foil dinners (No - that’s not cheating! My men’s dinners were perfectly done while everyone else was waiting for theirs to char over the fire). Last, but not least, we enjoy this for Sunday dinner occasionally also.

For this easy, delicious recipe - go to: ("full house" tab)

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