Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ganache Topped Zucchini Cake - drenched in chocolatey goodness...

Gracious! I can feel the first freeze coming on quickly - and I’m am driven to use as much zucchini as possible. When I saw this on - I couldn’t resist one more recipe using the last fruits of my ONE zucchini plant (thank goodness I only planted a single, or I’d be buried in it!)

Well - there’s a first for everything... and my first this week was making Ganache. I wish I’d never tried it - for now I’m hooked for life. Incredibly easy, and exceptionally delicious for such a tiny bit of effort. And when it flows slowly over the top of such a rich, moist cake as this - it’s hopeless to resist...

My family really enjoyed this for dessert on Sunday. It looked so innocent, they didn’t even suspect it had zucchini in it. But be careful (unlike me) and stir the zucchini in thoroughly. It is such a stringy beast, you could have “ropes” of zucchini strands showing up on someone’s fork if you aren’t diligent in stirring it really well. (Just ask my daughter - but she smiled graciously and scarfed it down like everyone else!)

As I mentioned, I found this on You’ll find her version and photos HERE... I didn’t change a thing, other than I used my frozen zucchini that was still lurking in the back of my deep freeze. Next time I’ll gladly use up my fresh stuff.

For this wonderful recipe and helpful photos - go to: ("full house" tab)

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