Monday, August 17, 2009

Swirl-Topped Meltaways - little bites of bliss...

For a little bite of bliss, you just can’t beat this traditional “ladies” cookie. These have been around for as long as I can remember - and it’s hard to improve on a good thing. Add a fun touch by swirling the tops with buttercream frosting touched with a tad of almond flavoring. Garnishing with a few specialty cake decorating beads (silver dragées) makes these really stand out on a cookie tray.

If by chance you’ve never tried these - find an excuse to make them for someone special. The cornstarch in this cookie allows it to literally “melt away” once it touches your tongue (and the butter doesn’t hurt either!) These are done in a heartbeat while you throw together the frosting as they bake.

As noted in the recipe, using melted versus softened butter will give you an entirely different cookie. This time I opted to try the melted version - producing a less “perfect” shape, but they seemed even more melt-able once baked. Melting the butter allows me to use a tiny cookie scoop without having to hand-roll the dough in balls. Softened butter seems to stick to a cookie scoop = more prep time... Personal preference rules.

For a little different spin on this traditional recipe - go to: ("full house" tab)

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