Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crisp/Tender Zucchini Spears - give french fries a run for their money...

Potatoes have had a monopoly on the “fry” market for too long... When done right, zucchini can give a potato a run for it’s money any day. Crispy on the outside, and just tender enough in the center - you might forget french fries all together. Served with light ranch dressing on the side, this is a great fast-food alternative.

About this time of year I know I’ll start missing this garden “weed”... but not quite yet. It’s fun to have an alternative to potatoes to serve with a meal. We enjoyed these with Easy as (Tomato) Pie the other night - and they were just the right side dish. I plan to make extra next time, slightly under-bake them, then freeze them to rewarm later when I’m eating alone.

In my young-mother days I used to make fried zucchini dipped in egg and crushed saltines. My kids still love those - but you can start feeling like a slave after laboring over those for very long. I enjoyed making these because once they are in the oven I can put my feet up and relax - no tedious turning or smoking up the kitchen. Using extra light olive oil (which has a mild flavor) makes these a bit more healthy, and reduces the smoking from high heat in the oven.

I tried making these two ways. (1) Dipped ONCE in the cornmeal mixture... (2) Dipped TWICE. I personally preferred the single dip, because the extra coating detracted from the tender zucchini. Not to mention the extra step it saved (and a messy one at that...) But if you are a real “coating” person - you might enjoy the extra crunch.

For this recipe and step-by-step photos - go to:
www.changeabletable.com ("empty nest" tab)


  1. I love zucchini in any form, but mostly as FRIES. Love that you used cornmeal! Your recipe and photos made me drool!

  2. I used panko and they were really good too! Love these with marinara. YUM!